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Talent recruitment

The division will be full of enthusiasm and spirit, as always, depending on the quality, reputation such as life, continuous innovation and improvement of quality, is now recruiting the following posts!

Sales Manager


1. Collect and analyze market information, feed back customer resource information in time, put forward effective market operation and sales proposal;

2. Actively develop new market and new customer according to company's market strategy, maintain customer relationship, expand the company's business volume, mining new projects and part of the ultrafiltration Membrane Marketing Work;

3. Industry New Technology, new products, new project technology tracking;

4. coordinate with technical personnel, complete technical exchanges and bidding;

5.Follow up the progress of the project and collect the payment for the project.

6. Assist to complete the commercial and technical contract.


1. Marketing, electrical and other related professional, college degree or above;

2. engaged in electrical industry sales more than 5 years preferred;

3. have a certain basis for power casing technology, experience in product sales is preferred.

4. with the ability of marketing planning, can independently carry out marketing work, understand market management, good at business operation, with the ability to plan as a whole, can complete the marketing targets issued by the company;

5. have a certain customer base, flexible, good at communication, active work, a strong sense of responsibility;

6. can establish a good customer base, maintain customer relations and can develop new customers, open up related customer resources, can adapt to frequent business trip.

Technical personnel


1. Major in mechanical or electrical, College Degree or above;

2. Be Engaged in electrical technology 1-2 years or above;

3. Be Familiar with CAD and 3D drawing software.


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