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Bushing (Beijing) HV Electric Co., Ltd. is located inNO.8 Qiangyun Road,Economic Development Zone, Miyun District, Beijing City. The company is a high-tech enterprise devoting to combine R & D, production, sales and service of dry type condenser bushing from 12KV up to 550KV voltage. The company is strong in research and development. It has globally leading production and testing equipment. The company is specialized in production of dry type condenser transformer bushing, GIS bushing, Oil/SF6 bushing, Oil/Oil bushing, Circuit breaker bushing and wall bushing etc. up to 550 kV voltage. The insulating envelope can be ceramic or polymer for external insulation. It is oil-free, gas-free, explosion-proof, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free. It is strong in anti-mechanical stress and pollution flashover resistance, and it is easy to install. With many other advantages, it is the ideal substitute for traditional oil type bushing. Company sales network has covered more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China and has now been extending throughout Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa etc.



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Bushing (Beijing) HV Electric Co. , Ltd.

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